About us

Two-talent Christians. You know, we're the ones wondering how those five-talent Christians do it. We gladly and faithfully invest everything we have into the Kingdom of God. We've read Matthew chapter 25 and we know that as we invest those two talents, we will gain more. But those five-on-their-way-to-ten talent Christians simply baffle us. We are so not them. They have five children, home-school, start three businesses (which are all successful), keep their cars immaculate and still have time to run the Sunday School, go to Board meetings, preach every other Sunday and organize the prayer chain.

The rest of us, with our two talents, have uncounted piles of dirty laundry, can't find the can of lysol, barely make it to work on time and end up at the drive-through for fast-food on the way to our small group. WE can barely keep up with the prayer requests from our ten-talent brothers and sisters. WE want to see great things happen, but we feel vastly unqualified. 

Is there a place in ministry for us? We haven't studied theology, but we do pray. We don't want to be on stage, but we do want to see God move. We can't sing on pitch, but we love to worship. We can't preach sermons, but we do know our scriptures. We pray and we want to be faithful. 

Do we fit in anywhere? Can we learn to "do ministry"? Can God still use us with our two talents?

Yes! THAT'S what innerACTS is about. 

Our Mission

To provide resources and training, opening the door for God's emerging leaders to experience His healing, creativity, community and ministry. 

Our mission includes these core objectives:

  • To develop creative and culture-current material resources for healing brokenness.
  • To use creative expression in the arts to minister life and healing.
  • To empower and release people to effectively minister healing to others.