Our mission is to help you to learn to minister like Jesus did - with healing, power, and love. This is real-world ministry to the issues of life that we all face. innerACTS lead retreats, seminars, conferences and missions trips all with a "hands on", practical approach that everyone can learn. We offer effective resources including books and DVDs to help you see ministry happen. 

We have the tools you need to see ministry happen. 

NEW:  Immanuel Healing Workshops.   Click on Seminars for more information!

Our vision is to equip the church at large especially lay people to minister effectively to the issues of life that everyone faces.  The time of "superstar" ministry for only the "highly gifted" is ending.  In it's place, the Lord is raising up people, like you and me, and equipping them with His Holy Spirit to minister with power and impact as Jesus did.

In other words,
                practical ministry for the rest of us. 

innerACTS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Connecticut.