Learning to Pray Like Jesus 

~ John Five Nineteen ~ Wendy Coy

Do you want to be able to pray and minister like Jesus did?  We are amazed as we read about how specifically He ministered to people.   How did He know to tell one person to wash in order to be healed?  To another he simply told the person  "Be healed"?  And to another, He cast out an evil spirit?  Can He really be our model for ministry?   

Learning to Pray Like Jesus provides principles, practices and stories about learning first to hear from God, then to understand our authority as we pray, and finally how to minister like Jesus did.   (click here to view Table of Contents

You'll be blessed as you read whether you are just starting to pray for others or have been praying for other years,

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~ 12 Comprehensive Sessions on Growing Through Life's Deepest Pains ~ Wendy Coy

You scan the rows of upturned adolescent faces as you teach, and the part of your brain that isn't teaching connects the faces with the lives: Latisha, parents splitting up. . . Lok, stopped drinking a couple months ago. . . Elena, I have a bad feeling about her mom's boyfriend living with them. . . Ben, his older brother just came out. . .

And on, and on.  There's a lot of brokenness out there.  Let Tough Stuff be your guide through these and other deep, painful issues-a 12-session curriculum (click here to view Table of Contents) that not only familiarizes you with their complex roots and symptoms, but informs and inspires your students to begin dealing with them from the inside out.  And don't think you'll be doing all the talking!  Tough Stuff is full of engaging and provocative teaching tools: improv and drama, thematic worship, video and music clip-ideas, inductive discussions, and creative exercises. 

Navigate your students through the heart-rending realities that they (or their friends) are facing daily.  Bring the first steps of healing to hurting students, in a discipleship setting.

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~ Relational Healing for the Next Generation ~ Cathy Morrill with Wendy Coy

Frustrations in relationships?  Difficult family dynamics?  Inability to cnnect with God and others?  Insecurity and self doubt?  The pain of past hurts?  Sexual issues like promiscuity, homosexuality or pornography? 

These issues keep us from knowing the radical and intimate love of God.  And from knowing His compassion and power to change lives.  We withdraw from people, or become jealous, possessive and relationships beome painful and complicated. 

YOU WANT MORE THAN JUST SIMPLE ANSWERS; YOU WANT SOLUTIONS!  SOULutions boldly tackles the issues and roots of brokenness (click here to view Contents) in our lives so that God's healing power can free us to live in radical relationship with Jesus and others.  SOULutions unleashes the Father's extravagant, unconditional, and unending love for us, especially where we feel we don't deserve it!  So, instead of these issues keeping us from God, they are the VERY ways we meet God most DEEPLY and RADICALLY.  They become the paths to new life.  Then, in our receiving His incredible love, we are changed.  SOULutions teaches you how to experience real freedom in your relationships with God and others.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  SOULutions is now available in PDF format at no charge.   You may download SOULutions and print your own copies as needed.  We have a limited number of hard copy books with no plans from the original publisher to reprint.  We want to make this material available to help hurting students.  Click on the Download link on the right.   

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A Video and Small Group Discussion Guide ~ Video by Jim and Carol Shores ~ Discussion Guide by Kristin Kinser

Acts of Renewal, the dynamic husband-wife theatrical team, partner with innerACTS to bring you these seven powerfully dramatic on-stage vignettes.  Addressing issues such as accountability, codependency, conflict, forgiveness, shame, temptation and more (click here for vignettes by Title and Topic) in a humorous, indirect way sets the stage for any large or small group discussions.  You will be laughing, crying and most importantly, connecting with God and others.

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